Told you so

I’ve been saying it for years: “Even if you don’t implement IPv6 right away make sure that new hard- and software you are buying supports IPv6.”

In the last couple of month I hear lot of complaints: “We can’t do IPv6. We just bought $product last year and it does not support IPV6.”

IPv6 support for a given domain

Sometimes I like to know if a given domain uses IPv6 (and DNSSEC).

I finished a small shell script last week to automate this task.

jens@screen:~/check_dns.git$ ./
Domain has DNSSEC
Host has at least one AAAA record
At least one nameserver has an AAAA record
At least one MX has an AAAA record

Maybe I’ll add some checks to see if those IPv6 addresses are really accessible.

Getting SNMP MIBs

I’m just working on a distributed Icinga2 setup (I’ll write more about it later this month). There is a lot SNMP monitoring involved an today I tried to get some MIBs

1. Why do I need an account (and probably a support contract) to download MIBs?
2. Naming an archive is a stupid idea. I now have several files with the same name. All from different vendors.
3. Advertising SNMP and then only returning sysUptime, sysLocation, etc. is also ….

It’s 2015

$ git clone
error: Failed to connect to Network is unreachable while accessing
fatal: HTTP request failed

Which is correct. My host has no vintage IP address.

IPv6 consulting and training

A friend is just being “spamed” with IPv6 training offers. Taking a closer look a the training company domain I’m wondering why I would by training (“for a successful IPv6 migration”) or support from a company where the main domain has no AAAA records for web, mail and DNS?

According to this blog is using IPv6 for 2230 days!