v6 only Puppet master (on Debian Wheezy)

On my server I’m running out of vintage IPv4 addresses. So I have to run some servers IPv6 only. One of my first choices was to migrate my puppet master to v6-only.

On Debian Wheezy (and probably others) you have to add

bindaddress = ::

to the master section of your puppet.conf

(Thanks to yath on #debian.de)

Almost add free surfing

You don’t need any browser plugins. When you are using Windows 7 just run netsh interface ipv4 uninstall. ;-) Yes, the number of web pages you can access is rather limited. But that’s not my fault. I’m telling people for ages.

(As always you should know what your doing before running any commands you find on the Internet).


It took more than a year but I finally moved all services to my new server(s).

The “new” server has 4 Cores, 16GB of RAM, a /28 IPv4 and a /48 IPv6.The new setup is based Debian, preseed, libvirt / kvm and some puppet. I’ll add some OpenVSwitch to the mix soon.

Thinks on my todo list:

- write a libvirt plugin for Icinga (Nagios)
- automatically set up DNS records when creating a new VM
- more puppet
- move some services (like the puppet master) to v6 only. IPv4 addresses are scares.

Basic Linux Troubleshooting

When a service suddenly stopped working do some basic troubleshooting first. Checking for free disk space is always a good idea (especially when you don’t look at your monitoring system).

So before removing and reinstalling packages run df -h and df -i too see if there is enough free space and enough free inodes.

No, not my system. I was just asked to help.

My goals for 2014

Happy new year to you all.

Here are my goals for 2014:

  • find some interesting IPv6 related projects too pay the bills
  • Read The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles and work through one chapter a month.
  • Finish moving my old server to this new machine, complexity puppetise and automate new server setup, including firewalling and monitoring
  • learn more about libvirt / kvm, openvswitch and logstash
  • work on some Cisco and Juniper Certifications
  • clean up some of the other item from my todo list

and finally:

  • Write at least 100 blog posts in 2014
  • Work on some interessting talks about IPv6, libvirt, openvswitch, logstash,…