It’s 2015

$ git clone
error: Failed to connect to Network is unreachable while accessing
fatal: HTTP request failed

Which is correct. My host has no vintage IP address.

IPv6 consulting and training

A friend is just being “spamed” with IPv6 training offers. Taking a closer look a the training company domain I’m wondering why I would by training (“for a successful IPv6 migration”) or support from a company where the main domain has no AAAA records for web, mail and DNS?

According to this blog is using IPv6 for 2230 days!

Goals for 2015

First things first: Happy new year!

This year will be (almost the same goals as last years).

So lets see:

find some interesting IPv6 related projects too pay the bills
Yes there where some IPv6 projects but I mainly did DNSSEC (as IPv6 one of those brand new technologies nobody needs)
For 2015 there are a couple of very interesting projects on the horizon. Lets wait the next two weeks

Read The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles and work through one chapter a month.
Still unfinished. Maybe this year.

Finish moving my old server to this new machine, complexity puppetise and automate new server setup, including firewalling and monitoring
Partly done. Most of the puppet part is still missing

learn more about libvirt / kvm, openvswitch and logstash
work on some Cisco and Juniper Certifications

Still valid for 2015

clean up some of the other item from my todo list
Done some but somehow todo lists tend to grow. Have to do some more

Write at least 100 blog posts in 2014
I’ll promise to do it this year

Work on some interesting talks about IPv6, libvirt, …
I have some ideas and plan on attending more conferences this year. I’ll keep you posted.

And in addition to that:

  • loose some weight
  • find a new bigger and quieter flat

IPv6 site-local

Dear authors of “Cisco ASA: All-in-one Next-Generation Firewall, IPS, and VPN Services, 3/e” (and many many others) please not that site-local addresses where deprecated with RFC3879. Note that RFC3879 was published in 2004. Your book was published in 2014. In your book also refer to RFC4291 which mentions RFC3879.

(I hope the rest of the book is better than the IPv6 intorduction)


It’s this time of year again where you visit your parents to celebrate Christmas do IT support.

So right now I’m installing updates, removing toolbars and fixing other easy to fix things.

My Dad bought a RaspberryB+ and instead of downloading a current software version he bought an SD card with an older version already installed. Some online shops (even the big ones) are strange:

1. A normal SD card does not fit into a micro SD slot

2. The RaspberryB+ needs a current software version or USB (an probably some other tings) will not work.

Too all off you: Happy Holidays 😉

Open Source …

sucks. Two weeks ago I asked about IPv6 support on the check_mk mailing list. So far no reaction from the developers. And it’s not the first time I asked and I’m not the only one to ask.

is great. A couple of weeks ago I encountered a problem with powerdns. After I asked on the powerdns IRC channel and had a fixed version about an hour later and I learned something about DNS while reading the discussion. Thanks!